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Perl Technology
Perl Mongers
Perl Conferences
Perl Advocacy
Perl Social Media
Perl 11
Perl Community Roadmap
Perl Town Hall
Perl Committees
Perl Nonprofit
Perl AI & Robotics


Good Will Perling

  • Will started programming Perl in 1999, and never stopped!
  • He graduated with honors from Texas Tech University in 2002, with a major in computer science & a minor in mathematics.
  • He is an active volunteer in multiple local community groups, including church & juggling & Shakespeare & Boy Scouts of America.
  • Affectionately known as "Scoutmaster Brassie", Will currently serves as the Scoutmaster for Troop 2020 in the Capitol Area Council.
  • Will resides in Austin, Texas with his wife Bennie and their 2 dogs.


Slinging Perl Code


Perls of a Feather

  • Will has served as President of Austin Perl Mongers since July 2012.
  • He revived after it stopped meeting in 2008.
  • He is the organizer of the famous Christmas parties.
  • He is also the organizer of the meetings & hackathons.
  • He was the guest presenter twice for ( in 2016.
  • Due to covid, all in-person Perl meetings were cancelled from 2019 until 2022.
  • He is a regular presenter for starting in 2022.


Yet Another Perl Presenter


Preaching the Perl Gospel

  • Will has served as President & CEO of Auto-Parallel Technologies, Inc. since its founding in 2014.
  • He has also served as CTO of Evince Medical Software, LLC since its founding in 2014.
  • Will offers custom Perl staffing services & personally interviews all candidates according to the Perl career levels criteria.
  • He talks to dozens of Perl programmers & business owners each week, in order to better understand the latest Perl needs & concerns.
  • He actively seeks out former Perl users & programmers using other languages, extolling Perl's virtues & inviting them to reconsider Perl.


Connecting Perl People


This Perl Went To 11

  • Will organized the Perl 11 Summit in Austin, Texas during the summer of 2012.
  • The goal was for Perl 5 & Perl 6 to be reunified into one language.
  • This goal was obviated by the renaming of Perl 6 to Raku.
  • Perl 11 spawned the RPerl Compiler.
  • Perl 11 has been officially replaced by the Perl Community Roadmap.


Writing the Perl Master Plan

  • Will wrote the Perl Community Roadmap for Christmas 2019.
  • The roadmap is a collection of centralized plans & resources, with the goal of putting Perl back on top as the #1 programming language world-wide.
  • He added several new pages in 2020, including:
  • He updated the navigation & added new pages in 2022, including:
    Career Mentorship
  • Will continues to build out the Perl Community Roadmap on an ongoing basis.


All Perl, Every Episode

  • Will created the Perl Town Hall talk show in 2019.
  • He covers any & all Perl topics including:
    Perl news
    Perl software releases
    Perl funnies
    Perl events & conferences
    Perl interviews
    Perl swag
    Perl business & jobs
    Perl comics
    Perl promotion
    & much, much more!
  • He has hosted several special guests such as Shawn Holland, creator of the ANSI Game Engine, in 2021.
  • He broadcast multiple live episodes on-site at The Perl Conference in Houston in 2022.
  • Will has hosted 85 total episodes as of October 2022.
  • Perl Town Hall airs live on the first Friday night of every month.


Organizing the Perl Community

  • Will is the founding Chairman of the Perl::Types Committee, as well as a founding Vice Chairman of both the Science Perl Committee and the AI Perl Committee in Q3 2023.
  • These 3 committees work together to empower members of the Perl community in a number of different projects.
  • Flagship projects of the AI Perl Committee include:
    Perl TensorFlow Neural Networks
    PerlGPT Large Language Model
    ChatGPU Navi™ Perl-Powered AI
  • Flagship projects of the Science Perl Committee include:
    Science Perl Track at The Perl Conference 2024 in Las Vegas, NV
    Science Perl Journal Annual Publication
  • Flagship projects of the Perl::Types Committee include:
    Perl Data Type System
    Perl Compiler
  • Will actively recruits new committee members, as well as hosting committee meetings and public hackathons every other week.


No Profit, Perl Only

  • Will is the founding President & CEO of the Public Enrichment & Robotics Labs AKA "RoboPerl" in Q4 2023.
  • RoboPerl is a legal non-profit entity with pending 501(c)(3) status, and is now accepting tax-deductible donations.
  • RoboPerl is the new chartered organization for Boy Scout Troop 2020 in the Capitol Area Council.
  • RoboPerl provides funding for Perl projects through the AI Perl Committee, Science Perl Committee, and Perl::Types Committee.
  • RoboPerl is the world's only foundation focused solely on Perl.


Creating A Perl-Powered Future

  • Will leads the company, and is personally involved with virtually all major Perl AI projects.
  • These various projects combine together to create the Navi™ AI system.
  • AI & robotics projects include:
    AI Perl Committee
    OpenAI API
    Perl TensorFlow Neural Networks
    PerlGPT Large Language Model
    ChatGPU Navi™ Perl-Powered AI
    ChatGPU Navi™ Robot
  • Will is seeking skilled AI & robotics developers.