Table Of Contents
Apps: Video Games
Apps: Office Suite
Apps: Mobile Tools
Apps: Server Side
Apps: Grand Challenges
Events: Hackathons


Fun For The Whole Family

  • Ever since Pong hit the market in 1972, video games have been an increasingly popular pastime.
  • Video games can bring together friends and family members.
  • Modern video games often feature advanced physics engines, realistic 3D graphics, and engaging multi-user gameplay.
  • Over the past decade, there have been no successful games in Perl.
  • Perl must have a real-time ray-tracing engine for video game graphics.
  • Perl must have a simulated physics engine for video game interactivity.
  • The goal is to have major video game companies adopt Perl.


Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations

  • Office apps are among the most commonly-used worldwide.
  • Desktop suites include MS Office, Apple iWork, and LibreOffice.
  • Web suites include MS Office Online, Apple iWork iCloud, LibreOffice Online, and Google Docs.
  • The free and open source LibreOffice is written using C++ and Java.
  • Currently there are no office suites in Perl.
  • Creation of Perl office apps will provide free marketing and attract users in the high visibility cloud space.
  • The goal is to develop a fully functional office suite in Perl.


Build An App For That


Serving Up Perl

  • One of Perl's greatest strengths are the many free apps for servers.
  • Over 100 server-side Perl apps are listed at Perl Maven.
  • Notable server apps include:
  • The goal is to build dozens of new server apps and upgrade the various existing server apps in Perl.


The Peak Of Human Achievement

  • Grand Challenges must be solved for Earth to survive and thrive.
  • Several different organizations have developed Grand Challenge lists: Global, Canada, USAID, Engineering, Social Work, XPrize, Singularity University, Biomedical Imaging, Public Administration, Climate, UCLA, Subterranean Vehicle, and BRAIN Initiative.
  • For example, the Engineering Grand Challenges include:
    • Personal Learning
    • Solar Energy
    • Virtual Reality
    • Human Brain
    • Medicine
    • Health Informatics
    • Urban Infrastructure
    • Cyberspace Security
    • Clean Water
    • Fusion Energy
    • Nuclear Peace
    • Nitrogen Cycle
    • Carbon Sequestration
    • Science Tools
  • Each Perl Mongers group must actively foster industry partnerships in order to build hundreds of new technologies.
  • The goal is to accomplish unprecedented global progress using Perl.


Get Together & Write Some Code

  • Hackathons are hacking marathons, when a group of programmers gather to collaborate intensively on a software project.
  • Each hackathon may include non-programmers, such as:
    • Graphical Artists
    • Musicians
    • Audio & Video Engineers
    • Project Managers
    • User Interface Designers
    • Subject Matter Experts
  • Perl Monger groups must organize fun events with a unique character:
    • Pizza Party
    • Coffee & Soda
    • Sandwiches & Snacks
    • Good Power & Wifi
    • Engaging Goals & Theme
    • Participation Awards
  • The goal is to organize quarterly hackathon events in every major city.