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Perl OpenAI ChatGPT
Perl TensorFlow Neural Networks
Perl Cowl Ontologies
PerlGPT Large Language Models
ChatGPU Navi™ Perl AI


Bringing AI To Perl

  • The AI Perl Committee exists to organize and promote AI projects within the global Perl community.
  • The committee is governed by democratically-elected leadership, and all major decisions are decided by the vote of committee members.
  • Committee meetings have openly-available agendas and minutes for the public record.
  • Perl community members are invited to apply for membership in the committee.
  • Meetings are held every other Thursday from 2:00pm to 3:00pm central time zone. The first meeting date of 2024 is 1/11.
  • Hackathons are held every 6 weeks on the Wednesday night before a meeting from 7:00pm to 9:00pm central time zone (unless otherwise stated). AI Perl Hackathon dates for 2024 are 1/10, 2/21, 4/3, 5/15, 6/26, 8/7, 9/18, 10/30, and 12/11.
  • The goal is to have major ongoing AI Perl accomplishments by our committee.


ChatGPT in Perl

  • Starting in late 2022, chatbots are currently the hottest AI trend.

  • One of the most powerful LLM chatbots is ChatGPT by OpenAI.

  • Perl currently has a CPAN distribution for the OpenAI API, enabling you to call ChatGPT directly in Perl.

  • The AI Perl Committee is also developing an OpenAI API compatibility layer for interfacing with multiple different kinds of LLM chatbots.

  • The goal is to develop full OpenAI ChatGPT support in Perl.


Neural Networks in Perl


Ontologies in Perl


Large Language Models in Perl