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"In 2012 I created the RPerl compiler and helped found the Perl 11 movement. The Perl Community Roadmap is the culmination of many decades of hard work and dedication. We are standing on the shoulders of giants."

Will 'the Chill' Braswell
President, Austin Perl Mongers
Co-Founder, Perl 11 Development Cooperative


"My passion is Perl, and my goal is for Perl to meet the increasingly-complex needs of the global technology industry. I have been working with the Perl 11 team for several years, and I support Will's efforts to improve Perl by forming a Community Roadmap addressing all aspects of the onion.

Let's work together to help make Perl better, faster, and stronger than ever!"

Tommy Butler
President, Dallas Perl Mongers


"I think that both Perl and Raku are a bit lost in today's reality. It would be fantastic if the Community Roadmap becomes a guide for everyone loving Perl or Raku or both to reinforce their positions in the modern world."

Andrew Shitov
Author, Using Perl 6
Organizer, PerlCon


"I used to be an ignorant Perl hater. But then I had a Bash script I needed to speed up, and GNU Parallel worked perfectly. I was initially surprised to see that Perl was the implementation language. The more I looked, the more essential software I found implemented in Perl.

The Perl Community Roadmap is long overdue. Perl remains a stable, adaptable platform for software that solves real business problems."

Robert Ryley

"I'm loving Perl with each new work assignment. Right now, what excites me the most are the cleanliness of Perl's regular expressions.

The Perl Community Roadmap is a vision. I look forward to it."

Tracey Jacoby

"Will Braswell wears cool hats, and thank God there's finally a plan."

Daniel Stewart

"I have used Perl since 2000. Before, my only Perl resources were docs, CPAN and of course books. The Perl Community Roadmap is a new vision on how Perl can grow and gain popularity.

I believe that with time and the effort of many enthusiasts around the world, the Perl Community Roadmap may become the central developer network for Perl users."

Nikolay Arbatov


"‘There's more than one way to do it’ can be useful if you code in Perl, but if you have to reach a specific goal, you can lose yourself on the way, and this, unfortunately, has happened.

When I touched Perl for the first time in 1995, the world was ‘Perl-centric’. The Perl Community Roadmap is a blessing because we need a path of rebirth, just one vision to work toward together to return to the place we deserve.

TIOOWTG:PCR aka ‘There Is Only One Way To Go: Perl Community Roadmap’."

Alessandro Bianco
Founder, Perl.Support