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AI Perl Committee
Science Perl Committee
Perl::Types Committee


Bringing Democracy To Perl

  • While there are a number of Perl organizations, they are all either limited to specific locales such as Perl Mongers, or self-appointed top-down hierarchies with no community voting involvement.
  • Our solution is to empower the Perl community by creating multiple new project-oriented industry workgroups.
  • Each of our Perl committees is governed by democratically-elected leadership, and all major decisions are decided by the vote of committee members.
  • Committee meetings have openly-available agendas and minutes for the public record.
  • Perl community members are invited to apply for membership in any or all committees.
  • Meetings are held every other Thursday from 1:00pm to 3:00pm central time zone.
  • Hackathons are held the Wednesday night before each meeting from 7:00pm to 9:00pm central time zone (unless otherwise stated).
  • The goal is to have major ongoing Perl accomplishments by our committees.


Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

  • Most new software now includes some small amount of AI functionality.

  • Perl is making an intentional resurgence in the fields of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

  • The goal is to develop artificial general intelligence (AGI) in Perl.

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Science, Technology, Engineering, Math

  • Most big-budget software projects include some STEM functionality.

  • The new Science Perl Track at The Perl Conference 2024 and the Science Perl Journal are two of our high-profile initiatives.

  • The goal is to generate increased scientific activity in Perl.

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Perl's Data Type System

  • Most modern computer languages provide a native data type system.

  • Perl has an internal type system which was never made available to programmers.

  • The goal is to expose Perl's internal types as a flexible and high-performance type system.

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