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Perl Cowl v1.0.0

Perl Cowl v1.0.0, Codename "Plain Cheese"

Release Announcement


The AI Perl Committee is pleased to announce the first public release of our Cowl API v1.0.0, codename "Plain Cheese" pizza!

In addition, we have also released the Alien::Cowl helper library, which allows Perl to build and/or load Cowl's C code.

Our basic website for Perl Cowl is now available:

Why Perl?

We choose Perl because it is the most mature, stable, and reliable of the dynamic programming languages. Also, Perl is experiencing a resurgence in the field of artificial intelligence, as seen by the AI Perl Committee's list of new projects:

Why Cowl?

We choose Cowl because it is written using pure C source code, and since Perl itself is likewise written in C, then we are therefore able to much more easily create a well-fitting API for Perl to interface with Cowl rather than some other OWL library written in a non-C language. Also, Cowl is a live project undergoing active development, and provides a fully-featured OWL solution, as seen by creator Ivano Bilenchi's documentation:

We would like to express our praise for Ivano in all his hard work of creating Cowl, and we look forward to working with him to expand the new list of projects that support or utilize Cowl.

What's next?

Perl Cowl v1.0.0 is now ready for deployment in both testing and production environments. The AI Perl Committee will continue to upgrade our Perl ontology toolchain with new and existing projects, including but not limited to:

Want more info?

For more information about the Perl Cowl API or any other Perl AI project, please contact:

Will Braswell
AI Perl Committee, 1st Vice Chairman
william DOT braswell AT autoparallel DOT com